A Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction story


Such a small, but immense word.  Countless songs, stories, and essays have been written about the idea of “home”.  We all have different versions, yet we all strive to find, to create, this almost magical place.  In “Brother’s”, Vincent’ says to Charles,” “I don’t hide my face here.  This is my home.”  Home is our place of safety, where we can be ourselves.

In UnionCatherine and Vincent escaped the clutches of the monster, the prince kissed the princess, they had a baby.  All’s well that ends well, right?

Yeah, but … there were a few loose ends.

That’s how Home came to be.

Home is what comes after “The End”.  It’s what must be created at the end of the fairy tale.

In our literature, in our stories, we have little guide on what happens after the prince and princess get married.  The original show, for many reasons, decided not to take this path. Although I may not agree with how it went, (REALLY not agree,) I can partially understand why they didn’t write Catherine and Vincent together … truly together.  It’s easy to “jump the shark,”  “pull a Moonlighting”, (and don’t think I don’t worry about it all the time writing this “second novel”.) However, isn’t creating a home and all that entails—the conflicts and compromises, the marrying of two lives, and uniquely for our heroes, figuring out how to “marry” two worlds, one a real danger to the other—a worthy narrative?  I sure hope you think so.

Love goes on even after “The End”.  Now, I hope to share with you my ideas of what that might look like— all the perils, worries, trials, and struggles … and all the beauty, joy and hope as well.

Once upon a time … continued…


 “And did they live happily ever after?”

– Catherine to Kristopher Gentian, “When the Bluebird Sings”


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