An Ever Fixed Mark Fanfiction

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I hope these stories inspire to do some writing of your own.


A SND (She’s not Dead) story that branches off the show at the end of Season 2.  

This universe also includes the semi-self-contained stories “The Anniversary Gifts” and “The Candlemaker’s Daughter”







The continuation of Union. 

Vincent and Catherine try to figure out happily ever after with a killer and the F.B.I. on their tail.


This story is ongoing. 




Character Studies 

Stories that explore the deeper life of some of the beloved characters from the show.


Mostly stand alone tales that do not necessarily need fit into the Union Universe.




Things That Are Not and Should Be…


Stories that explore roads not taken.


These stories create new universes all their own.






Episode Expansions

Stories that either fit in or in between episodes

Meant to shed light or enhance the episodes that we saw.





  1. Heather

    Love the new site, Karen! And thank you for the Winterfest gifts of art and stories. More, please!

    • Crowmama

      Thank you Heather! Yes, more is the plan! I am working on lots of stories and art.

      And you know, there is always space here for friends’ creative ventures! (hint, hint) 😉

      Happy Winterfest!!


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