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4/4/2020  – Chapter 17 of Home is here.  “Procrastination” -the blog post that goes along with.  Stay safe, yinz.  


3/25/2020 – Chapter 16 of Home is up.   The blog post that goes with this chapter is, “Portrait”.  I hope you are all stay well. 


3/19/2020 – Home is back in business!  Chapter 15 is up!  I’m hoping to publish every week to ten days for the next few months.  Stay safe, friends.   Here is the blog post that goes along with the chapter, “Fear” 

2/22/2020  Isn’t Winterfest great!  So much to do!  Take a gander at all the submissions, including art, stories, crafts, and even recipes!  I submitted An Adult AU of “The Watcher” Called “The Rush of Possibilities”  You can follow the link here, or on the Things That Are Not page. 

2/21/2020  Happy Winterfest 2020.!  Have you checked out all the new amazing submissions this year, or gone for a chat, or checked out the auctions?  If not follow the link here.  I submitted two Procreate drawings.  If you have an iPad I do recommend the program.  It is a versatile and inexpensive way to create digital art.   “Catherine”  and  “Reading”  Check them out if you like. 

2/15/2020  Happy Winterfest 2020 Despite sickness in the house, and my “work wife” having a concussion, I’m going to have a few things to submit this year.  Stay tuned!  

2/3/20 Update: 2 more stories from the past have been put up on the Things That Are Not page, Spirit and Heat.  Hope you like them.  If you do, please write a little comment.  🙂 


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