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07/10/21 – My talk on “The Heroine’s Journey” is today.  Here is the references and shameless plugs.  🙂   Please join us at the  2021 Beauty and the Beast Online Convention!



07/09/21 – Con is beginning today!!  Here is the schedule!  2021 Beauty and the Beast Online Convention Pleae read the whole page on how to get into Zoom meetings.  I will be giving a talk on “The Heroine’s Journey: An Exploration on the Monomyth in Beauty and the Beast” on Saturday at 1pm (EST) on Zoom.  Please come and say hi!


02/18/21 – Are you enjoying Winterfest?  There are so many cool things to do this year!  And so many fantastic submissions!  Check them out!  Have you gone to Vincent’s chamber yet?  Oh my!  Speaking of Vincent, he is an integral part of the new AU (very AU) fanfic I wrote, Discord (A Tamara Story).  I hope you enjoy.  Gotta use that classical education for something! LOL.      



02/14/21 – Happy Valentine’s Day at Winterfest!  In honor of the occasion, I bring you a smutty story, lol, Another Time for your reading enjoyment.  Hope you like it! 





02/13/20 – Happy Winterfest!!  I’m working on getting 2 new stories up!  Enjoy all the Winterfest activities, Chats, and submissions here!  


11/2/20 – I am soooo sorry about the wait, but Home Chapter 23 is up.   The post accompanying is Vote




10/7/20 – Linda and Carole created “A Day in the Life” project that I wrote for.  Go visit and read some great stories!  Chapter 23 is getting finished up.




7/16/20 – I kept my promise!!  Yay!! Home Chapter 22 is up.  Please note it is a hard R  but you can skip that part if you want (but then why are you here? LOL!)   The blog post to go along with is called, Enduring.



Please come to the Beauty and the Beast Virtual Con from Friday 7/17/20 to Sunday 7/19/20.  It’s going to be a blast!! 


6/25/20 – It’s been too long!!  Action chapters are the hardest to write, but it’s finally up.  Home Chapter 21.  The next one won’t take as long, I swear.    




5/6/2020 – Happy Mother’s Day Week!   Chapter 20 is up, as is the blog post, Mother’s Day.  Let me know how you are all doing in the comments, if you can. 




4/20/2020 – Chapter 19 is up!  I also changed the chapter count on the Home fanfiction page, however, even that isn’t right.  I’m estimating around 35+ chapters.  Phew!  Waiting is the blog post for this chapter.  Hope to see you all around the Tunnels.  Stay well! 




4/11/2020 – Uploaded Chapter 18 with the help of my amazing editors!  The blog post for this chapter is called “Games” .  Hope to see you all at Catherine Balcony.  Happy Easter and Passover and Happy April 12th!




4/4/2020  – Chapter 17 of Home is here.  “Procrastination” -the blog post that goes along with.  Stay safe, yinz.




3/25/2020 – Chapter 16 of Home is up.   The blog post that goes with this chapter is, “Portrait”.  I hope you are all stay well.



3/19/2020 – Home is back in business!  Chapter 15 is up!  I’m hoping to publish every week to ten days for the next few months.  Stay safe, friends.   Here is the blog post that goes along with the chapter, “Fear”






2/22/2020  Isn’t Winterfest great!  So much to do!  Take a gander at all the submissions, including art, stories, crafts, and even recipes!  I submitted An Adult AU of “The Watcher” Called “The Rush of Possibilities”  You can follow the link here, or on the Things That Are Not page.




2/21/2020  Happy Winterfest 2020.!  Have you checked out all the new amazing submissions this year, or gone for a chat, or checked out the auctions?  If not follow the link here.  I submitted two Procreate drawings.  If you have an iPad I do recommend the program.  It is a versatile and inexpensive way to create digital art.   “Catherine”  and  “Reading”  Check them out if you like.









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