Welcome to An Ever Fixed Mark.

A Beauty and the Beast (1987) Fansite


Here you will find Fanfiction, Fan Art and Explorations.

You will Find Retcons, and SNDs, Episode Expansions and Character Studies.

You will find collages, drawings, watercolors and pastels.

I hope you find something here that makes you happy.

9/23/19 Update: The Fan Fiction is starting to get put up, however, I am slowly editing as I go.  If you want to see everything on the old website, please visit that website hereI just wouldn’t go there on your phone unless you can stand really annoying ads.   The ads were the reason this hundreds of dollars endeavor started.  

8/21/19 Update:  Fan Art Projects are up.  I am working on getting the rest of the site up and running so I can start posting chapters of Home again.




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