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Here are links to Multimedia presentations, Powerpoints and Reference pages for talks related to Beauty and the Beast, 

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Underneath New York

A multimedia presentation made for Winterfest 2016

Explore Underneath New York as you never have before. Learn about the cool spaces, people and treasures that can be found there.

Please note: the link and button will open another window.


The Heroine’s Journey

A Powerpoint presentaion and references for the talk made for 2021 Cleveland (at home) convention

Exploring the Monomyth in Beauty and the Beast. Is the Hero’s journey all there is? Is there a femenine slant that is missed in much of scholarship?



The Heroine’s Journey 2.0

A Powerpoint presentaion and references for the talk made for Winterfest 2022

What are the differences between The Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey? How can that impact storytelling and the expectations of an audience? 


Drawing Vincent’s Portrait

Presentation for Winterfest 2023.

Links to the Powerpoint and Reference pages. 


Drawing Catherine’s Portrait

A presentation for Winterfest 2024 

Links to PowerPoint and References (In progress)



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