Baby Jessica- January 9th, 2023

Baby Jessica being rescued and what she looks like in 2020

I am sorry I am late.

I knew it was going to be hard to post during my husband’s 50th birthday week, but the universe also threw me another curve ball, a “Baby Jessica”, if you will. I fell down the Covid hole… again.

I didn’t realize I had it during my husband’s (thankfully) small party, but I was pretty sick by Wednesday night and everything for the rest of the week went out the window.

Do you remember Baby Jessica, the 18-month-old girl who fell down a well? It took almost 60 hours to rescue her, but they finally did … on Friday night. October 16th, 1987. “No Way Down” was playing and then pffftt, interrupted for live coverage as they were, thankfully, able to pull her out. Today that wouldn’t be a problem. We’d stream the show later. I’ve been stuck in sick in bed for the last three days and I can stream almost any show I want, including Beauty and the Beast and my current binge, F4 Thailand: Boys Before Flowers. Back in 1987, however, half the episode of my favorite show didn’t play due to “Special Coverage” and I had to hope they’d do a rerun during the winter or summer break, or hope the show lasted long enough for syndication if I ever wanted to see the rest of that episode.

So, again, sorry. I am trying to get us back on our regular schedule. 

I am happy that today Baby Jessica is a healthy mom and teacher… but damn girl, if you promise to stay away from wells, I’ll start wearing a mask between Halloween and Easter.  

And now, without further ado, Home Chapter 31


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