Warrior - June 25th 2020

Hi, friends. 

Today I wanted to talk to you about warriors.  I’ve known and loved a few.  I bet you do too. 

I’m not just talking about people who fight with weapons or fists.  I’m talking about those who see wrongs and say, “This stops now!  This stops here! I will fight for a new world!”   They are the protesters of systematic racism like Samantha Francine, (above) who look fear and hatred in the face and don’t back down.   (Photo by GRACE JENSEN) 

They are the cycle breakers, like my friend Eileen Follette who, despite many saying, “This happens in every family,” took her rapist to court and gave up anonymity so he , her cousin, Padraig Tangney Jr, could be named in the press. 

In his video essay, Tom van der Linden, explores the Warrior archetype in cinema–Warriors at their best. in their shadow form, and how they can empower all of us.  

Vincent and Catherine have both empowered me.  Have they helped you?  Let me know how they have influenced you in the comments.

A true warrior fights for a better world.

I think Vincent and Catherine would understand.   

And now, without further ado, Home: Chapter 21



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