The Making of “Valentine’s” 

A Procreate journey of 3  1/2 hours in 3 1/2 minutes

Although I love showing finished pieces, I also wished to share some of the not so pretty parts of the art process–the gathering of inspiration and references, the twists, the taking out, the putting back in–in short, all the stages of a piece. I hope it’s encouraging to see that artists don’t do things right the first time. We just know how to erase, (or the 2 finger tap,) really, really well. LOL!


Please visit all the art in Vincent’s Chamber and beyond at Winterfest 2024



  1. Paula

    This drawing is wonderful, it has so much feeling and love in it. I like your works in general and I’m glad that I could see the creative process on the video. Thank you!

    • Karen-Crowmama

      You are so welcome, Paula! I’m glad you could come on the journey. I am excited to see your journey as well! We create the dream for each other.

  2. ~catherine e.

    It is SO COOL to see your process at work! Amazing, Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Karen - Crowmama


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