Things That Are Not And Should Be...

Beauty and the Beast fandom (and dare I say modern fandom) was created from the ashes of  a story.  People needed to right wrongs, to go in different directions, to explore different universes.

These are tales that take off.  They are from worlds that veered away from canon somewhere either before or during the series.

I hope you enjoy.

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Another Time

Rated R – Adult for Sexual situations, violence and mentions of miscarriage (but doesn’t happen)

For Winterfest 2021

An AU of Though Lover’s Be Lost.  Vincent presses and Catherine tells him about the baby. 

After watching the episode (again and again) I couldn’t let Vincent carry that kind of guilt that would come from him knowing that if he had only pushed things would have been different.

 The writers thought they knew what Catherine’s  fate would be.  Little did they know…


Discord (A Tamara Story)

Rated Teen – for Adult themes and violence (triggers: child abuse)  

For Winterfest 2021

A (far-out) AU about Tamara, her origins and what she wants . 


Although far from canon, I hope you find this story a worthy one.

The Rush of Possibilities

Rated R – Adult

An episode expansion and AU of “The Watcher” Written for Winterfest 2020.


After nightmares plague our couple Vincent is hurt and Father asks Catherine to help.  She does, but its not exactly what Father had in mind.



Steady Light

Part of the Bringing the Light project for Winterfest 2016

(I highly recommend all the stories here, along with Carole’s fanstatic graphic!)

Catherine explains to Vincent how she cannot lose his light and what she thinks they should do about it.  



Vincent’s Birthday Vingette

In honor of Vincent’s Birthday celebration 2020, a bit a fluffy goodness.


Classic Round Robin

Created for Winterfest 2014 with the exceptional JoAnn, Britnnay, Clairisant, Amber, Nom de Guerre, Ginny, and Alyssa G. 


Catherine and Vincent come to some realizations after Vincent saves some homeless people from a gang in the park.


This American Life

 A radio transcript written for Winterfest 2015

The year is 2027 and the former Tunnel dwellers tell their stories of Vincent and Catherine to Ira Glass and crew.  



You can read it at Winterfest Online here



Rated R

Written for the 2023 San Diego Conzine

Catherine and Vincent are lovers, but can she convince him to have a sleepover Below? 


Winter Light Parts 1 and 2

A Winterfest story created for Winterfest 2018 and 2019


Catherine and Vincent have a secret and it’s time to let everyone know and to deal with the consequences.

Inspired by Carole W.’s beautiful stained glass.



Written for the Secrets of Central Park Challenge on CABB but totally missed the deadline.

A 3rd Annivesary AU

Catherine takes on the challenge of a day at the park with a group of Tunnel kids while Vincent is challenged by some of the childrens’ impulsive words.




Rated R – Adult

An episode expansion and AU of “A Kingdom By the Sea” for the 2021 Virtual – Cleveland Conzine. 


Explorations in love and the meaning of roses.














Written for the Summer Heat Challenge from Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast.


Catherine and Vincent spend a warm summer night listening to music.  The heat persists…






Rated R – Adult

An episode expansion of “Dark Spirit” Written for the San Deigo 2017 Conzine. 

Vincent takes an unconscious Catherine to a hidden place to recover from Dr. Ross’ drug.  She doesn’t stay unconscious for long. 


Rated R.  Written for the 2018 Michigan Conzine.  





An AU expansion after “The Outsiders”  

A restless day for leads to a restless night for Catherine and Vincent


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