Sad Days and Patton Oswalt- January 9th, 2023

Baby Jessica being rescued and what she looks like in 2020

Although there is some question about the scientific accuracy labeling the third Monday in January as the saddest day of the year, I think no one denies that for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, January is a tough month. I am no different. Less light, less money in the bank, cold that seeps into my bones, the bloom off the New Year’s rose—it’s always been a hard time of year for me. I still work my steps, literally. I walk every day, (almost), I drink water, drink less alcohol, up magnesium, up protein, watch comedies, take a multivitamin, etc., etc. However, because of some life circumstances, it got bad enough that I reached out for some emergency mental health help. It cost me a $50 co-pay, which is better than a breakdown, but why should people have to pay for therapy period, much less as a “specialty care visit” as my insurance deems it?

Thanks, Humana, for having my back. (sarcasm).

I wonder if we in the U.S. prioritized people’s health and welfare as a public good, rather than profits and tax breaks, would there be as many suicides and shootings?

I hope we get to find out one day.

If you ever feel desperate, reach out to friends and family. I know from experience how suicidal thoughts can take over your life for a while, but also how fleeting they are in the grand scheme when you have support and distractions. You can also call the U.S. National Suicide Hotline: 988  (or google your country’s suicide hotline.)

Please do.

If I hadn’t, this story wouldn’t exist.

Patton Oswalt has spoken to my soul on this subject of depression.

He also had a long conversation about his life-long struggles on the podcast Depresh Mode


And now, without further ado, Home Chapter 32.


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