Portrait - March 25th, 2020

Hi again, friends!  I hope there are some silver linings to being stuck inside for all of you.

For me it’s writing, art … and YouTube shows. 

There is a lovely tv program called “Portrait Artist of the Year.”  It’s beautiful, British reality competition goodness.

You can catch it here:

I love drawing portraits, (even if I want to be so much better.)   They are funny things, because the artist can’t help but put themselves into the work.   An artist has to constantly keep looking at the details versus the whole and winnow out their own prejudices.  It’s all about truly seeing what is there. 

I wonder if that’s how police work is as well.   

In this chapter, Special Agent Morrissey is trying to find the whole in the details.   

So without further ado, Home: Chapter 16


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