An Ever Fixed Mark Episode Expansions

Some of my favorite stories from fandom come from episode expansions, stories that go beyond the story. 

They usually fit within or in between episodes and usually stay in canon. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at crowmama@everfixedmarkfanfiction[dot]com

First Contact

An episode expansion of the Pilot Written for the 2015 September Anniversary Project  

(I highly recommend all the stories here, along with Carole’s fanstatic graphic!)

Vincent writes of his love and heartache when finding he is still bonded with Catherine (because yeah, its only me and my friend angst over here.)  He decides what to do.


Eternity Within Her Power

An episode expansion of “A Children’s Story” Written for the Cleavland 2013 Conzine.  

Catherine and Edie visit a tarot card reader on the cusp of Edie leaving for a new job.  The psychic explores Catherine’s past present and future and offers some insight.



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