Drawing Catherine's Portrait

Tools and Techniques

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Discussion of getting better at drawing portraits by using proportion, value, and discerning what makes a likeness.

“Art Baby” Mistakes (Some of which I still make)

1. Drawing lines too dark or too hard to erase in your gesture drawing/block in stage

2. Eyes too big for the face, (I STILL DO THIS TOO OFTEN!!)

3. Eyes are outlined and look like almonds

4. Forgetting that lashes grow from the inside of lid and the outside of the undereye

5. Drawing a dark outline of the lips.

6. Forgetting where and how the hair grows on the head.


Make lots of drawings and take notes!!



Drawing Catherine’s Portrait References and Links 




Chan’s Beautiful Zine work

Sandy Chandler Shelton (batbland.com)

Seth Haverkamp – Award winning portrait artist

Seth’s website

Vonnart – Timothy Von Rueden

Vonnart Portfolio



Books –


Massey, Carole, Drawing Portraits. Kent, Great Britian: Search Press, 2012 ed.

Thomas, Joy. The Art of Portrait Drawing. Cincinatti, Ohio: North Light Books.; 2006 ed.

Brooker, Suzanne, Portrait Painting Atelier. New York, New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2010


These can be found used at Abe Books,  Thriftbooks, your library, your local independent bookseller, or Amazon


YouTube Videos:

(These are meant to be a jumping off point. Find the artists and teachers you love and soak them up!)


Beginner Portrait Drawing E1 | Proportions of the head,  Alphonse Dunn



Beginner Portrait Drawing E2 | Profile Proportions,  Alphonse Dunn



Six common mistakes in head drawing (and how to fix them),
Marc Kompaneyets Studio



Digital Art Tutorial: Stylized Portraits, Nadiaxel



5 Things I Wish I Knew as a BEGINNER ARTIST,
Kirsty Partridge Art



5 Pencil Sharpening Techniques for Pros, Proko



Shading Light and Form – Basics, Proko



Your art sucks, and that’s OK,
Astri Lohne



How to IMPROVE THE LIKENESS IN YOUR PORTRAITS – Charcoal Drawing Tutorial, Florent Farges – arts



Drawing Portraits | Getting a Likeness pt. 1, DRAW JUICE ART TUTORIALS



Drawing Portraits | Getting A Likeness part 2, DRAW JUICE ART TUTORIALS



Block In Concepts Pt. 1, with Stephen Bauman



Quick Tip 264 – Value Scales Simplified, In the Studio Art Instruction



Ambient Occlusion (and Ambient Light) for Painters, Marco Bucci



Make ALL your portraits better by practicing THIS STEP…, Stephen Bauman



A New Way to Think About Beauty in Art, Light Ponderings




  1. Ingrid Powell

    These are absolutely stunning honey, I wish I could draw like that

    • Crowmama

      Thank you, Ingrid! I try. I am hoping that all this info will help people on the path to drawing like they want to .


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