An Ever Fixed Mark Character Studies

What I always loved about Beauty and the Beast was how intimate and in depth the show could get.   “A Happy Life” dealt with depression and its impact on Catherine’s life.    “Labyrinths” explored so many people’s stories and their reasons for living Below.  Not many shows were doing that back in the 80’s!  The stories here, although they could live elsewhere on the site, delve into each character, their hopes, dreams and motivations.   I hope they inspire to do some writing of your own.

Isaac Remembered

A Retcon/Character Piece Written for the Winterfest 2014 Hearthside Stories

Isaac, now a Helper, guides Rolley on his journey out of addiction.

One of my favorite pieces of my writing.

Enjoy it Here, or with the other amazing Heathside Stories. 





 Written for the 2016 Conzine

A story of Catherine’s mother, of possibilities, and of beginnings and endings. 








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